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Frequently Asked Questions (updated as ?'s are asked)

What do I need prepped for submissions?

Check out the "Metadata and Music Submission Training" document above, for a detailed answer!
Fast Summary:  Main & Instrumental (AIFF Format we do not accept any other format), Lyrics, Metadata/Keywords, Collaborators info (Writer, Pub, Master Splits), One Stop Agreement

Do I have to fill out the submission form

Yes, plain and simple. You need to submit a form for each song.  If you do not fill out our submission form.  We do not even listen to your song.  

What's is one stop? One stop Agreement?

“ONE STOP” – If a piece of music is a “one stop” clearance, it means someone who is trying to licence a track only has to contact one party to clear both the Master and Publishing Rights

One stop Agreements: Are typically signed split sheets that include the terms that you have one stop clearance and permission from other collaborators to pitch that song.

Don't have a "Split Sheet and One stop Agreement"?  Scroll up and download our template above 

If I pitch to a brief you post on the Facebook page is the song getting signed to the catalog or is this a one time pitch?

twoOHsix Music LLC is licensing company.  When we post a brief on the Facebook page we are looking for songs to sign to our catalog to pitch for that brief.  If we like the song you submit we will be in contact with you to sign a non-exclusive deal with us for a one year term to pitch for that brief as well as other internal briefs we get throughout the year.  WE will only pitch songs that have been signed under those terms.

Also we have had this question come up a lot:  If you have signed an exclusive deal with another agency DO NOT send those songs for our briefs we post, I know some exclusive companies are cool with pitching direct to supervisors on a per brief basis.   WE are a licensing company not supervisors.

What is twoOHsix Music Terms?

Deal Points: 


  • The agreement is non-exclusive 

  • You retain 100% ownership of both the composition (i.e. royalties) and sound recording

  • The Initial Term is only 1 year (automatically re-ups for another year if not  asked to cancel after year term)

  • We only retain 40% of sync fees

I'm a publisher/label, can I submit my artists?

No, we only take submissions from artists on this Facebook group.  The only exception to this is if you are a publisher/record label that WE have been in contact with and APPROVED via our signed contract that you have agreements with all artist to pitch on their behalf.

Can I send demos or unfinished mixes?

No the song must be radio ready

Airtable is not working?

Please use another browser.  
- If It is not letting you hit submit, please "scroll down" and the submit button will appear

Can I use samples?  Can I use splice?

No, your songs can not contain samples.

Spice samples need to me manipulated (watch timestamp) of our video on what this means.

Split Sheet & One-Stop Agreement (BLANK) TEMPLATE

Brand New Noobies

Metadata and Music 

Submission Training:

Welcome to our FB Community

On this page you can watch the zoom replay of our sync summary, grab our rules for submitting to us, what you need to know before submitting, and a one-stop agreement template. Happy pitching!

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